Cleaning of Lifter Machine

Cleaning of  Lifter Machine

Objective : To lay down a procedure for the cleaning of Lifter Machine.

Scope :This SOP is applicable for cleaning of Lifter Machine to warehouse of formulation plant


Operator / Technician – For cleaning of Lifter Machine.

Warehouse personnel– For checking the cleanliness of the Lifter Machine.


Department Head/In-charge & QA Head shall be accountable for implementation of this SOP.

Abbreviations and Definitions

QA : Quality Assurance

WH : Warehouse

RM  : Raw Material

SOP : Standard Operating Procedure


Switch OFF the Lifter Machine.

Remove “Status” label and affix ‘To be cleaned’ label.

Lower the Lifter finger with help of machine gear.

When the Lifter machine finger reaches a height of 2.0 mtrs. (Approx.) from ground level stop the machine through machine stopper, so that the Lifter machine finger is facing towards the ground.

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Bring the cleaning trolley beneath the Lifter machine finger.

Clean the Lifter machine finger by using the dry lint free duster.

Clean the upper parts using the nylon brush & mast with a dry lint free duster.

Remove ‘To be cleaned’ label and Affix “CLEANED” label on Lifter machine.

Frequency of the cleaning: After end of the shift or if required.

Forms and Records (Annexures)

Not Applicable.


Master copy             –           Quality Assurance

Controlled copies –           Quality Assurance, Raw Material Store.


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