Handling of Jewelry and Ornaments in the plant

Handling of Jewelry and Ornaments in the plant

Objective ; To lay down a procedure for Handling of Jewelry and Ornaments in the plant.

Scope : This Standard Operating Procedure is applicable for all the employees at the formulation plant of Pharmaceuticals Industries.


HR Department is responsible for the implementation of the procedure mentioned in this SOP.

It is the responsibility of all the factory employees to follow this procedure.


HR Head & QA Head shall be accountable for the implementation of this SOP.

Abbreviations and Definitions

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure; a document where step-by-step instructions are cited to serve as support for methods or manners of fulfilling a function or functions reliably and consistently.


Jewelry and ornaments shall not be allowed in the manufacturing block.

Jewelry and ornaments shall be removed in the change room before entering the manufacturing area.

The list of objectionable Jewelry & Ornaments shall be as per Annexure No.- I

Forms and Records (Annexures)

List of Ornaments / Jewelry  – Annexure I


Master copy – Quality Assurance

Controlled copies – Quality Assurance, Production, Quality Control, Stores & Human Resource Department


Date Revision Number
 Reason for Revision
0 New SOP


List of Ornaments and Jewelry not allowed in the Manufacturing Block

S.No. Name of the Ornaments/jewelry
1 Make-Up
2 Lipstick / Lip Gloss / Lip Balm
3 Ring (The exception is one plain banded ring (no stones) which may be worn on each hand.)
4 Anklets
5 Bracelets
6 Bangles
7 Watch
8 Bindi
9 Comb
10 False Nails / Big Nails
11 False Eyelashes
12 Nail Polish
13 Sandals, Slingbacks, Flip flops, High Heels.