Cleaning of Factory Footwear

Cleaning of Factory Footwear

Objective : To lay down a procedure for Cleaning Factory Footwear.

Scope : This Standard Operating Procedure is applicable for cleaning factory footwear in the formulation plant of pharma industries.


Housekeeping personnel is responsible to follow the procedure mentioned in the SOP.

HR Department is responsible for the implementation of the procedure mentioned in the SOP.


Head HR and QA shall be accountable for the compliance of this SOP.

Abbreviations and Definitions

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

QA: Quality Assurance

GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices


One personnel from the Housekeeping is deputed for cleaning the factory footwear weekly or whenever required.

Collect all the factory footwear from the respective departments.

All the footwear shall be collected in a polybag and affix the status label “to be cleaned”.

Check for any visual damage.

Remove and replace damaged footwear.

Brought all dirty footwear to the designated area.

The washerman makes a count of the dirty factory footwear.

The count shall be counter-checked by the designated person from the Housekeeping department.

Fix each slipper of one pair into the other slipper to prevent the mix-up of the different sizes of the slipper.

Fill a plastic tub with approximately 10 liters. of water and mix 20 ml of liquid soap in it.

Take one pair of the slippers, separate them, and put the same into the same tub.

Scrub the slippers thoroughly using a nylon brush in the same soap solution to remove dirt particles if any.

Fill another plastic tub with potable water.

After scrubbing remove the pair from the soap solution and put it into the potable water.

Remove the same from the potable water tub and again wash under the tap to remove the traces of detergent.

Jerk down the excess water from the slippers and fix them into each other and place them in a clean dry plastic tub.

Rinse the cleaned footwear using the diluted disinfectant solution.( 2.5 % Dettol/Savlon)

Wipe the footwear using a dry lint-free cloth and allow to dry for at least half an hour in the clean dry Plastic tub.

All the clean and dry footwear shall be collected in a polybag and affix the status label “Cleaned”

The polybag containing clean footwear is then taken into the changing rooms of the respective section. And the slippers are then kept in the sleeper rack provided under the cross-over benches.

Forms and Records (Annexures)

Cleaning Record of Factory Footwear – Annexure – I


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Controlled copies – Quality Assurance, Production, Quality Control, Store


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