TRIGGERING OF INSPECTIONS There are two types of events that trigger inspection: categories that will regularly prompt an inspection request, and categories in which the district office may elect to perform an inspection at their discretion for elements of applications — filed or otherwise. The following categories will regularly prompt a pre-approval or cGMP: 1. … Read more

Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures Controls for identification codes/password Persons who use electronic signatures based upon the use of identification codes in combination with passwords shall employ controls to ensure their security and integrity. Such controls shall include: (a) Maintaining the uniqueness of each combined identification code and password, such that no two individuals have the same combination … Read more


TURN TABLE DESIGN QUALIFICATION Stainless steel Scrambler & Unscrambler, which is familiar as turn table. This is built on MS Square frame, solid guide rail & reduction gear box for jerk less & noiseless performance. Turntable is useful to ensure total synchronization, uniform flow of container and to take a turn at 90 degree to suit … Read more