Un-Planned Deviation Example – I


Un-Planned Deviation

Deviation Investigation Report

Description of Deviation: The document entry of dispensing and cleaning records is not recorded by the respective operators.

Type of deviation:  Un-Planned Deviation

Class of Deviation:  Minor

Date of investigation:  

Department:  Warehouse

Date of deviation Observed:  

Investigations start date:  

Investigation completion date: 


S.No. Name Designation Department
1. Manager Warehouse
2. Manager Warehouse
3. Manager Quality Assurance
4. GM -QA/QC Quality Assurance

 Investigation / Finding of Deviation:

An investigation was initiated under unplanned deviation and the findings for the root cause of deviation is:-

  1. The cleaning operation performed by operator but document entry was not being done by the respective person in dispensing area only due to the “perceived” risk of soiling the documents.

Impact on Product Quality: No impact on product quality 

Responsible personnel for deviation:

Corrective and/ or Preventive Action 

Proposed Corrective and Preventive Action   : 

  1. Training to be conducted to all concerned operators and supervisors
  2. The verification of effectiveness and compliance of good documentation practice to be cover during internal audit in Warehouse quarter.

 Corrective action: 

  1. Training has been imparted to all concerned operators and supervisors of the warehouse on good documentation practice  and supporting

document attached with report. List is mentioned below:

Training attendance sheet

Training Material

Preventive Action:

  1. Re-training shall be extended to all personnel of other department on good documentation practice for more awareness on such type of deviation which does not occur in future.
  2. The checklist of internal audit of warehouse has been revised and the statement is incorporated “Is the document entry done by the responsible person for that operation”.Revised checklist attached with this report.
  3. To ensure effectiveness and compliance with good documentation practice to eliminate the causes of such potential and undesirable situations in order to prevent re-occurrence in future.

Evaluation and Review of Implemented CAPA:

Verified the status of effectiveness and compliance of corrective and preventive action and found the activities fully implemented in warehouse and all the personnel understands and are aware of the criticality of activity that is performed.

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