FBD Machine

FBD Machine

Fluid bed dryer – FBD is a processing unit for the Drying of granulated materials for solid dosage forms in batch operations. The Fluid Bed Processor is designed for Drying, Granulating, and Coating. The processor runs in a batch operation. The heated inlet air homogeneously flows through the specially designed perforated sheet into the product vessel, fluidizes the product, and keeps it in constant motion.

FBD ensures excellent heat transfer and a high drying rate. Integrated jet filters separate the product area from the pure gas area. The product particles are held back in the processor and retained in the process. The process air leaves the processor at the top.

FBD Advantages

  • Drying, Granulating & Coating in one unit.
  • High Degree of flexibility.
  • Quick & easy filter replacement.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Flameproof Construction.
  • Easy Cleaning.
  • Customized units.
  • Turnkey units.
  • Sieve

Fluid Bed Processor

The Fluid Bed technology achieves constant and reproducible product quality while ensuring a gentle process in short process times. Processes ranging from powdery materials to free-flowing materials can be carried out as well as the drying of wet products.

Powder granulates, and other shapes can be coated in the FBD system too. During the process, heated air-in defined quantity and speed – continuously flows through the special design of the perforated sheet into the product vessel. The product starts to fluidize and can be moistened by means of an alternate spray nozzle and granulated, depending on the application.

Tangential spray nozzles in the area of the bottom (underfeed) or a Wruster system are used for coating pellets. Integrated filters selected according to the process and product – hold back the powder particles in the processor. The particles are retained in the process by continuous filter cleaning.

Fluidized Bed Dryer Features

  • In compliance with cGMP guidelines.
  • Uniform Drying with reduced Drying time.
  • Quick Dismantling of Dutch Sieve & Perforated Sheet at the Product container.
  • Online Sampling Device.)
  • Fully Automatic Operation through a Programmable Logic Controller.
  • Product Container with a stirrer.
  • Flameproof Construction.

Fluid Bed Drying Technical Specification

  • Container Gross Volume LTRS
  • Batch Capacity (0.5bd) KG
  • Blower Motor HP
  • Air Flow (CFM) 10%
  • Steam Pressure (kg/cm2)
  • Steam Consumption (kg/hr)
  • Electric Heater (KW)
  • Compressed Air Pressure (bar)
  • Drying Temp
  • Electrical Supply