Operation and calibration procedures of viscometer

Operation  and calibration  procedures of viscometer

Operation and calibration procedures of viscometer.


Plugin the instrument

Start the instrument by pressing the ON/OFF button on the back panel

The following is displayed: REMOVE SPINDLE




Remove the spindle and press any key.

The following is displayed: REPLACE SPINDLE




  • Joint the required spindle and press any the key.
  •  Select the spindle press the SELECT SPINDLE key and set the spindle No. using ↑ and ↓ keys. Press the SELECT SPINDLE key again.
  •  Select the rotation speed by pressing the SET SPEED key and setting the rotation speed using ↑ and ↓ keys. Press the SET SPEED key again.
  •  Measurement procedure
  •  Immerse the spindle and the thermal sensor into the test solution. Avoid the formation of air bubbles on the spindle surface.
  • push the MOTOR ON/OFF/ESCAPE button to initiate the analysis.
  • The regulations of the spindle and rotation pace selection
  • The spindle size is inversely proportional to the viscosity of the solution (use a smaller spindle for more viscous solutions).
  • Rotation speed is inversely proportional to the viscosity of the solution.
  • The result is reliable if the viscosity value is 10-100 % (this value is displayed).
  •  Wait till the value displayed stabilizes.
  • Switch off the instrument pressing the MOTOR ON/OFF/ESCAPE button.
  •  Calibration procedure
  • Place the viscosity reference fluid in the water bath.
  • Lower the DV-II+Pro into measurement position (with guard leg if LV or RV series Viscometer is used).
  • Attach the spindle to the Viscometer.
  • Be make certain If you are the usage of a disk-shaped spindle, to keep away from trapping air bubbles below the disk through first immersing the spindle at an angle, and then it connecting it to the Viscometer.
  • The viscosity reference fluid with the spindle should be immersed in the bath for a minimum of one hour, stirring the fluid continuously, before taking measurements.
  • After one hour, check the temperature of the viscosity reference fluid with an appropriate thermometer.
  • Be ensure if the fluid is at test temperature (±0.1°C of the temperature, normally 25°C), measure the viscosity, and record the Viscometer reading.

Note: Before recording the readings spindle should be rotating at least five (5) times.

  •  The viscosity reading should equal the cP (mPa·s) value, mentioned for standard fluid with a deviation within the accuracy of the viscosimeter (±1%)
  •  Calibration frequency: once in three months.
  •  Maintenance and safety instructions
  • Clean the instrument before and after exploitation.
  • Clean the spindle with the tissue dampened with solvent.

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