Procedure of storing uniforms for microbiological analysis

The procedure of storing uniforms for microbiological analysis

To lay down the Procedure of storing uniforms for microbiological analysis

This SOP is applicable to provide the long and qualitative operation of  UV -cabinets,s and the sterility of used materials.


General cleaning

After another replacement germicidal lamp:

Power off the UV cabinet.

Thoroughly clean the inside of the chamber with disinfection solution twice with an interval of 1 hour.

Turn on the bactericidal lamp.


Once a week, wipe the external surfaces of the cabinet with a sponge soaked with a disinfection solution (the cabinet must be disconnected from the power supply).

Operating instructions

UV-cabinet is designed for the short-term keeping of previously sterilized products of the medical purpose (uniform, masks, and gloves).

Switch on the power supply.

Load the material in the cabinet only after 30 minutes.

Load the products (after sterilization) in one layer. Load the products in the sterile uniform and gloves. The loading time must not exceed 10 minutes.

After loading close the doors of the cabinet and do not open them for 25 minutes.

Withdraw the products from the cabinet for not more than 10 min. Close the doors of the cabinet after this procedure.

The following withdrawal is possible after 25 min.

If the cabinet was open for more than 25 minutes, unload the products, repeat the processing of the internal surface, and repeat the sterilization, if they were stored in the chamber without a packing cover.