What happens if you take expired Medicines?

What happens if you take expired Medicines?

Expiration dates on medicines don’t mean your medication will go bad on that date, it just means that the medicine is less potent and may not work effectively.

Aside from a handful of medicines that are rarely on the market, most common medicines do not become toxic after their expiration date.

To prevent medicines from expiring earlier than the date on the label, keep your medications away from direct sunlight, heat, or humidity, otherwise, they may melt and become unusable.

Don’t take expired medicines. Instead, throw them away according to FDA guidelines. Old medicines may not work as well as they should. Drugs kept for a long time may deteriorate.

Expiration dates indicate to consumers about medicine loses its potency

Medicine’s expiration date is the point at which it isn’t as powerful as it was before the expiration date (which is usually marked by month and year, meaning the end of that month, not the beginning).

The medication hasn’t degraded up to that date. And they’ve done studies up until that date [and have found] that … it’s still that concentration at that date. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t stay that concentration after that date, it just means that they’ve done studies up to that date.”